Dechen Dolkar

Police authorities demoted two Drimpons to the rank of Pelpon this month for assisting detainee Phajo Nidup in bringing various items into the Thimphu police detention centre.

It was learnt that since they were repeat offenders, the office took administrative action and decided to demote them. 

Similarly, administrative action was taken against a police officer for accepting money from detainee Phajo Nidup to perform a rimdo for the public and the police. 

A major who is currently preparing for a UN mission lost his six months seniority.

Sources said that 16 of them were involved in the case and 14 of them lost their seniority.

The issue was reported to the Ant-Corruption Commission (ACC). The commission after reviewing the case forwarded it to the police headquarters for the authorities to take administrative action since it was not related to corruption.  

Meanwhile, ACC is investigating another Lieutenant Colonel in police, who allegedly took a bike from the detainee Phajo Nidup.

Police were not available for comments on the cases.