Chencho Dema

Punakha – The common forum for Kabisa-Talo constituency ended yesterday at Talo gewog centre in Punakha. 

People’s Democratic Party candidate Namgyal Dorji spoke about his pledges, while Bhutan Tendrel Party candidate Tshering Dorji was absent due to a health issue. BTP’s dzongkhag coordinator, Kinley Wangchuk delivered the pledges on behalf of Tshering Dorji. 

Tshering Dorji attended the first common forum held at the Barp gewog centre on December 15. The common forums for the six gewogs in the constituency were held in gewog centres.

Kabisa gewog saw the highest voter turnout where more than 100 villagers came to hear the candidates, while Guma had the least number of voters attending the common forum. 

Voters expressed loss of interest in the meetings since they already had numerous meetings. Others said they were engaged in agricultural work. Some could not walk to the meeting venue located far from their homes. 

The PDP candidate and the BTP candidate’s representative discussed only pledges at the common forums.

Kabji-Talo constituency has 11,289 registered voters, with 5,271 males and 6,018 females.

The constituency had 2,350 in-country postal voters, with 1,191 males and 1,159 females. Additionally, 70 overseas postal voters.

The constituency comprises six gewogs which includes Toedpisa, Guma, Kabisa, Talo, Barp and Goenshari. 

Tshering Dorji, 61-year-old with over 32 years of service in various sectors, including civil service, business, municipal government, and diplomacy, former foreign secretary and PDP candidate will represent BTP. 

With a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, 37-year-old Namgyal Dorji will represent PDP. He has 12 years of experience with the Foreign Ministry and service at the Permanent Mission of Bhutan to the United Nations.

In the meantime, the Lingmukha-Toedwang common forum ended on December 24. Nine forums were held in five gewogs in the constituency.

Voter turnout this time was lower than it was during the primary round.

In addition to sharing their promises with the electorate during the common forums, the candidates also used the occasion to address a number of rumours and express gratitude to those who supported them in the primary.

Lingmukha-Toedwang constituency boasted 7,807 registered voters, comprising 3,815 males and 3,992 females.

The constituency had 1,735 in-country conventional postal voters and 29 overseas postal ballots. 

The constituency has five gewogs: Dzomi, Toedwang, Lingmukha, Shengana-Bjemina, and Chhubu. 

Both constituencies accommodated 36 persons with disabilities (PWDs), underscoring the commitment to inclusive participation.

Gyambo Sithey (PhD), a 51-year-old author and researcher who spent 12 years working in the health ministry, holds a PhD in public health from the University of Sydney in Australia, a Master of Science in nutrition, and a postgraduate degree in public administration. Gyambo Sithey represents BTP.

PDP candidate, Namgay Wangchuk, is 45 years old, has a master’s degree in public policy and management, 19 years of professional experience, and was a member of parliament.

Punakha has 33,049 residents.