Chencho Dema

Punakha — Khamaed-Lunana in Gasa has experienced a decrease in voter registration, with 1,170 registered voters (537 men, 639 women), compared to 1,175 in the primary round.

Among these, 130 registered for in-country postal ballots, and 14 opted for Special Early Voting (SEV) in the general round.

However, the constituency encountered challenges as 10 postal ballots were rejected due to issues such as incorrect witness CID numbers, missing witness signatures, and voter CID errors.

In the primary round, Khamaed-Lunana rejected nine out of 165 postal ballots, including one from overseas.

In Khatoed-Laya, 99 out of 101 registered postal ballots have been received, with the possibility of more arriving until 12pm today.

The Returning Officer plans to provide an update on the total number of received and rejected ballots by this afternoon. Notably, there are no SEV voters in this constituency.

In the primary round, 10 out of 126 postal ballots were rejected.

Khatoed-Laya boasts 1,125 registered voters, comprising 554 males and 571 females.