On behalf of President Barack Obama and the people of the United States of America, the Secretary of State, John Kerry, congratulated Bhutan on its 108th National Day celebrations yesterday.

“The United States attaches great importance to the warm ties between the peoples of our two countries and to our shared commitment to address climate change and other global challenges,” the statement from the Secretary reads.  “Bhutan’s commitment to protecting its natural environment is a gift to future generations that we acknowledge with deep gratitude.  We also appreciate Bhutan’s critical contributions to UN peacekeeping missions around the world.”

The statement states that   as societies with a shared commitment to democracy and the rule of law, the United States and Bhutan are supporting institutions and values that have brought peace and prosperity to the Indo-Pacific region and the world.  “I look forward to opportunities in the New Year to deepen the cooperation between our countries,” it states.

“I wish all people of the Kingdom a joyful celebration of their national day and a prosperous year ahead.”