Each trip to Bhutan purchased on the travel platform will contribute to Tarayana Foundation’s efforts to empower rural communities 

Tourism: MyBhutan, a social enterprise that aims to create a better Bhutan through initiatives that target Bhutan’s most pressing issues, was launched April 25, according to a press release from the project.

The project was founded in collaboration with His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck in a mission to enhance tourism and sustain philanthropic activity in Bhutan.

Their first enterprise, a travel platform, will enhance the quality of tourism services for travellers, amplify awareness of Bhutan globally and provide greater opportunity for local communities to participate in the growing tourism market.

“For Bhutan, tourism is an emerging market. With so much opportunity for future growth, now is the paramount time to develop methodologies to enhance the sector,” it is stated in the press release. “To do so, affiliated parties must fulfill three goals: gain further global recognition; be seen as a desirable travel destination; and introduce advanced technologies to better quality of services and simplify the process to visit,” it is added.

“With these three goals in mind, MyBhutan has collected the richest portfolio of content about Bhutan, developed solutions to limit tedious administrative processes, built extensive local and foreign relationships and created a travel platform that would make the current process of booking a trip to Bhutan, easy, cost-effective, personalized and well-informed.”

To build Bhutan’s public profile, highly influential photographers, bloggers, videographers, artists and marketers have joined the MyBhutan team: sharing images and stories created by MyBhutan content creators with their respective audiences.

The content has been featured in influential publications such as CNN, popular social media accounts, galleries and international events.

MyBhutan’s travel platform applies smart technology to streamline the process of planning and booking a trip. Travellers can now for the first time personalize their itinerary and pay for the trip with a credit or debit card, all on one site. Further, the platform simplifies and automates administrative processes for all Bhutanese parties associated to the transaction.

To promote the constructive growth of services within the industry, MyBhutan currently does not charge membership fees for hosted local businesses, providing them with a free marketing platform to reach a larger customer base.

And with no extra charge to the travellers and no loss to Bhutanese service providers, every trip bought is a contribution to nonprofit Tarayana Foundation. Each trip will support Tarayana’s efforts in helping to empower rural communities in Bhutan.

“MyBhutan’s mission will introduce advanced technology to revolutionise the tourism industry and implement sustainable practices to support cross-industry and philanthropic development, country-wide,” it is pointed out.

The travel platform is located at: https://mybhutan.com/

Staff reporter