KP Sharma

Women and Children Division of the National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC) has issued a notice cautioning social media users about the possible intrusion of privacy of vulnerable groups and children on social media.

The reminder is in response to a concerning trend wherein anonymous social media account holders frequently exploit vulnerable individuals on social media for the sake of entertainment.

The August 23 notification reported a rising number of incidents of posting and sharing inappropriate content on various digital platforms.

 “As a responsible community, we must be committed to upholding the dignity and rights of every individual, especially the vulnerable members of our society,” stated the notification.

An NCWC official said that sharing pictures and related content without parental or guardian’s consent violates the child’s rights.

A school counsellor in Paro said that such timely reminders would undoubtedly offer help to the community, particularly the victims and their families. He added that it is vital to create awareness regarding the individuals who become the subject of disrespect and mockery on social media.

“Typically, people are not violent or show inappropriate behaviour unless provoked,” the counsellor said, and that it is the responsibility of other people to understand them through their actions.

Tshering Dawa, who works in one of the civil society organisatons (CSO), said that while some volunteer groups and individuals have been helping the vulnerable community, their approach to sharing videos and other content is often unnecessary.

He added that even though their efforts are beneficial to the person in need, the content going viral on social media can also cause distress to the person’s relatives and close associates.

Some individuals believe that when content becomes viral on social media, it results in the invasion of privacy, cyberbullying, psychological distress, exploitation, and other negative consequences.