Chencho Dema

Punakha—Punakha’s dzongkhag court on March 26 sentenced four people involved in drug trafficking to prison terms ranging from two to five years.

One of the convicts on bail absconded last year. 

The court has decreed that upon rearrests, the convict will serve his designated prison sentence.

The absconder, Sonam Tshering, a 33-year-old tourist guide from Thinleygang, Punakha, was sentenced to five years, two months and 23 days in prison. However, since he already spent 23 days in detention, he will be required to serve the remainder of his prison term upon his re-arrests.

Kinga Jamtsho, 23, a private employee from Kabesa, Punakha, was sentenced to five years, one month and 10 days in prison. Having already spent a month and 10 days in detention, he is now required to serve the remaining five years of his sentence.

Kinley Wangchuk, a 23-year-old from Monggar, was sentenced to five years, one month and 10 days in prison. Meanwhile, Tsheltrim Rabten, 27, from Trashiyangtse, was convicted and sentenced to two years, seven months, and 12 days in prison. However, he was ordered to pay thrimthue instead of serving imprisonment.

Background of the case 

Sonam Tshering and Kinga Jamtsho, traveling on a motorcycle, were apprehended on July 28 last year during a surprise police check in Thinleygang. They were found in possession of illicit substances with Sonam Tshering carrying six hashish sticks weighing 18 grams and three SP+.

Kinga Jamtsho had five sticks and two hashish pieces weighing 15.5 grams recovered from his jacket, along with three small hashish pieces. Additionally, both suspects tested positive for drugs.

During interrogation, it was learnt that the suspects had traveled to Shengana on July 27, with the intention of collecting hashish.

They disclosed the name of Kinley Wangchuk, from whom they purchased the hashish for Nu 10,000, acquiring a total of 10 sticks. Accordingly, he was arrested and detained by the Punakha police. 

Sonam Tshering also told police that Tsheltrim Rabten had transferred Nu 18,000 via MBoB to procure the hashish. However, despite the payment, it was not  delivered. Tsheltrim Rabten was charged with solicitation, receiving a reduced sentence equivalent to half the original penalty for his involvement.

Kuensel has learned that just one day after Sonam Tshering’s arrest, his visa application for Canada was approved. Sources have informed Kuensel that the convict was seen in Canada.