Chencho Dema | Punakha 

Punakha Kaja Throm at Khuruthang town opened just in time for Zhabdrung Kuchoe after missing nearly two deadlines.

Foreign Minister Dr Tandi Dorji inaugurated the Kaja Throm in presence of eminent members of the National Council, members of parliament, and dzongkhag officials.

Initiated upon Royal command, the Kaja Throm has been built to provide a vibrant community space for vendors to showcase and sell their produce.

Punakha Dzongdag Thuji Tshering said, “Kaja Throm will serve as an example of how to conduct business and support Punakha’s farmers as well as those in the nearby dzongkhags of Wangduephodrang, Tsirang, and Gasa.”

The throm will serve as an attraction for outsiders.

Besides the 21 permanent vegetable vendors who will be operating their businesses in the Kaja Throm, the place will also allow people to operate their business during weekends.

A monthly fee of Nu 3,000 will be charged to permanent vendors by the dzongkhag, while rent for weekend traders is still being discussed.

There are three food stalls which will be operated by the de-suups.

In addition to numerous other amenities, the Riverside café stands out for its expansive views of Punatshangchhu, lush and verdant lawn, and seating areas made of wood.

There are figurine of flora and fauna which have conservation significance and unique to Bhutan, sponsored by RSPN.

There is a family-friendly integrated park on the side of the Kaja Throm where people can stroll around with their kids.

An open-air live-band stage which is part of the Kaja Throm is for people to showcase their talents.

Punakha will henceforth be showcasing the best of Punakha’s local produce.

Around 60 de-suups, according to Nima Wangdi, De-suup Gojay, were employed at the Kaja Throm to perform a variety of tasks, including carpentry, landscaping, building footpaths, and electrical work.

The de-suups would show up at the work site at 8:30am and occasionally stay late to work until 9pm.

Nima Wangdi said, “Since it was HM’s project, it not only inspired me to be a part of the project but also taught me other kinds of skills from the Indian workers.”

Phub Zam, a de-suup who had volunteered to work in the Kaja Throm, said she was happy to be part of the project and contribute her service in building the throm.  She has been working to build the throm for the last two months.

The forest officials of Wangdue, Chimipang Royal Project, business owners and dzongkhag officials also contributed to building the Kaja Throm.  They contributed in the landscaping and beautification works on an acre of reclaimed land.

Hundreds of people gathered for the opening which had a live music concert by popular Ugyen Panday, Baby Floyd, which was followed by a fashion show.