The Royal Audit Authority (RAA) inaugurated a professional development centre in Tsirang yesterday.

This, according to the RAA officials, is expected to bring more human resource capacity development of the auditors, as the centre will begin conducting short-term trainings and workshops for auditors.

The chairman of Druk Holding and Investments (DHI), Dasho Ugen Chewang, in his inaugural speech, said that RAA being the supreme audit institution plays a critical role in ensuring that funds disbursed are efficiently managed, effectively utilised with minimal or no waste or misuse to bring about desired economic development for the welfare of all Bhutanese.

“To fulfill the mandate, it is crucial that RAA had qualified manpower,” he said.

He added that capacity development has always been a priority to provide best service to the government and people in realising a corrupt free society. “I personally believe that the quality of reports and recommendation auditors generate must create the desired impact. This can be recognised and sustained through professionalism.”

The professional development centre has a hostel facility to accommodate at least 80 trainees, three training halls each of which can house over 30 trainees.

The centre also has self-catering hostels, indoor and outdoor sports facility.

Auditor General (AG) Tshering Kezang said that having a training centre of their own was necessary to build the capacity of auditors’ in the country. “Auditors have to appraise oneself first and remain a step ahead of the others, which the professional development centre will help achieve.”

He said that until now at least two to three auditors were sent to India and other countries to receive similar training.

The auditor general also added that experienced auditors are retiring and with new ones joining service every year, training from a centre like this was expected to prepare the new ones for the job.

Today, the RAA has 300 auditors, of which about 170 are in the field.

The centre was constructed with a Nu 255M fund from the government of India.

Nirmala Pokhrel   | Tsirang