Chencho Dema

Located 3,500 metres above sea level, Ramina village in Lunana is one of the remotest villages to be connected to grid electricity. The village with six households received electricity yesterday, May 15.

Ramina village is about four day’s walk from Gasa.  Until yesterday, Ramina along with 12 other villages in Lunana were relying on solar energy.  In a simple ceremony, the latest modern addition was attended by the Lunana Gup, Kaka and a few villagers.

Gup Kaka said that the residents of Ramina are happy to get electricity. While the beneficiaries are countable, the government spent Nu 4.5 Million to extend a 4.5km 33kV transmission line from Goentshephu in Goenshari, Punakha to Ramina.

The electrification work was carried out by Bhutan Power Corporation in October last year.

Depending on the directives from the government the remaining 12 villages will be electrified, said an official from BPC.