Neten Dorji | Rangjung

Rangjung residents in Trashigang, who claim they have been facing drinking water shortage for more than a decade, say it is hampering the government’s efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Shop owners say authorities ask people to wash hands with soap and water but without sufficient water, they hesitate to tell customers.

Residents also blame the delay in completion of a drinking water project for aggravating their water woes.

Municipal officials in Trashigang say damage of intake pipes by landslides and other natural disasters caused the water shortage.

An official explained that once they replace the old pipelines, residents would get clean and continuous water.

However, the town representative, Karma Sonam Tashi, said the drinking water shortage in the town is not severe.

He said residents would not face any problems once the water project, with source at Thromwang, is complete.

The Nu 45.32 million (M) project started on November 25, 2019. Asian Development Bank funded the project.

Project manager, Sonam Chojur, said the work progress is about 65 percent. “We have completed all major works and laying the pipes are in full swing.”

Construction of reservoir tank and eight break-pressure tanks were completed.

Trashigang dzongkhag tender committee extended the deadline to June this year. The initial deadline was January 24, this year.

Sonam Chojur explained coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns affected the work.

With the completion of the new water supply system, residents of Rangjung including two schools, Rangjung Woesel Dratshang, Vocational Training Institute, hospital and other offices would benefit.

There are more than 2000 people living in the town including dratshang, training institute, hospital and schools.