KP Sharma

The Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) has successfully concluded its investigation into the tragic suicide of a 26-year-old man in a detention room.

The incident occurred on August 28, and the investigation’s findings and recommendations are now awaiting final approval from the headquarters before administrative actions are taken against the officials concerned at the Gedu police station for security lapses.

Given the gravity of the incident as a custodial death, a comprehensive investigation was conducted to determine the cause of death. The investigation examined the conduct and responsibilities of duty personnel, commanding officers, and individual officers, with a commitment to holding individuals accountable in accordance with the nation’s existing laws.

This incident within a police detention room has drawn considerable public criticism, particularly from social media users who have expressed concerns about the safety of individuals in custody. Questions have been raised regarding how such a tragic event could occur within a room under continuous police surveillance.

The deceased, a resident of Darla, was detained in connection with a domestic violence case following a report from the gup. Initially, the Gedu police directed the Darla police to bring the man to the police station due to his history as a repeat-offender.

The deceased’s wife had also provided a written statement to the police, alleging frequent mistreatment by her husband, which led to his detention. Subsequently, the wife was sent for a medical examination at the hospital, while the man was assigned to the detention kitchen to prepare meals, as is the practice for detainees.

Tragically, when duty personnel checked on him a short while later, they discovered that the man had taken his own life. The official clarified that there was no evidence of foul play in the incident and assured the public that such distressing incidents would not be tolerated.

The RBP official appealed to the public to seek accurate details about the case and to refrain from spreading irrelevant or misleading information on social media. They encouraged individuals with suspicions or doubts about the case to use appropriate channels to lodge complaints, rather than creating fake social media accounts to disseminate unfounded information.

The RBP reiterated its commitment to serving society and urged the public to abstain from sharing speculative information that lacks concrete evidence and facts.