Kinley Wangchuk | Intern

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is conducting capacity-building workshop for senior civil servants to develop leadership skills.

In the two-day workshop that started yesterday, participants are learning about leadership statement (LS) and support function assessment (SuFA) as part of the leadership accountability and development framework.

The chairperson of RCSC, Karma Hamu Dorjee, said that good leadership in the public sector results in better organisation performance, efficiency and productivity. “They are the key levers of change.”

During the workshop, the executives were introduced to concepts on leadership for leading transformational changes including tools for reframing the organisation to make it more agile to adapt to the needs of the changing times.

Karma Hamu Dorjee said transformation is about long-term culture change that must reinforce trust and value-based culture and equipping workforce with the right skills, tools and working environment. “A leader is only as strong as their workforce.”

Through the workshop, RCSC aspires to strengthen leadership competencies and skills, and also anchor it in the tangible outcome of finalising the LS.

The LS would guide leaders in agencies as a strategic and operational plan allowing them to broaden their work beyond agency and annual performance agreement and target (APA/APT).

Officials explained LS is similar to the development of IWP by all the employees in the civil service.

Through the workshop, RCSC would jointly review the current LS template and collaboratively develop a LS template that is customised to the requirements for the Bhutanese CS.

An official said they would like to capture the perspectives of transformation as understood and aspired by the executives and tailor it to encourage success rather than only compliance.

Meanwhile, RCSC would conduct similar workshops for other executives in the civil service on July 29 and 30.

Edited by Tashi Dema