Dechen Dolkar  

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) has overruled its initial decision and promoted 53 civil servants of Pemagatshel with effect from July 1 this year.

The civil servants were earlier denied promotion after the dzongkhag human resource officer missed the document submission deadline on the RCSC online system.

According to the RCSC, on August 30 the Commission deliberated the appeal from the civil servants based on new evidence submitted.

An official from the Commission said that it was decided based on the evidence that individuals had submitted all the required documents and the Human Resource (HR) section of the dzongkhag verified them on time.

“The agency completed the promotion process, including the HRC meeting within the month of June, this year,” the official said.

As provisioned in Section 13.6.20 of the BCSR 2018, the RCSC or agency will not promote civil servants mechanically based only on the completion of the minimum four/five years’ criterion without properly assessing their capability, performance, allegiance, and the need of the agency.

The official said, “Therefore, the promotion has to be deliberated in the HRC of the agency for proper assessment and completion of the promotion process.”  

RCSC revoked the promotion of 53 civil servants of Pemagatshel, which was due on July 1, because document submission in the Zhiyog Electronic System (ZESt) was not completed before the deadline.

The affected civil servants have submitted all the documents to the dzongkhag human resource office before the deadline. The HR office failed to punch their documents into the system before the deadline.

The affected civil servants had appealed to their respective sector heads to request reconsideration. The dzongkhag administration had also appealed to the RCSC to reconsider its decision. They had also appealed to the Prime Minister.

However, Kuensel learnt that the assistant HR was recruited in January this year after completing a one-year postgraduate diploma program from the Royal Institute of Management.

It was also learnt that HROs were provided training on the ZESt.

The dzongkhag HRC members for promotion were reprimanded. The dzongrab being head of the dzongkhag administration and HR being directly accountable for delaying the document submission, the RCSC withheld their annual increments for three years.