Phurpa Lhamo 

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) will soon begin a reorganisation programme in its effort to transform the civil service and increase the use of technology for better service delivery.

The reorganisation, according to a press release from the commission yesterday, is expected to make some positions redundant while some would become bigger and more complex with citizens’ needs and demand for higher service delivery standards.

The release stated that at the same time, RCSC was also overhauling the personnel management and remuneration systems to ensure that civil servants would be incentivised to better serve citizens and supervisors will manage their staff and other resources under their charge better.

“Civil servants who do not perform should expect to exit,” it stated.

The restructuring exercise is aimed to establish and strengthen ministries as the foundational structure of governance for a more effective role in policy setting and enforcement; reposition ministries and agencies strategically with allied mandates and common objectives for greater synergy and collaboration; leverage technology for improved service delivery and productivity; cluster common services to provide support functions such as finance, HR, procurement among others for optimal HR utilisation; and outsource services wherever feasible for cost efficiency.

“We will be implementing the reorganisation of Civil Service agencies as soon as possible,” the press release stated.

The implementation of the exercise will be in phases and the main aspects of the exercise are expected to complete by end of 2023.