… he is conducting a workshop that is expected to help in storing information

Skills: More than a hundred students and parents attended a free session on training the brain to remember more and for longer periods of time at the Kelki higher secondary school auditorium in Thimphu yesterday.

The event was a creative memory and study skills workshop to show participants tools, techniques and skills in remembering information with the least effort possible.

The trainer, Squadron Leader Jayasimha, is a notable memory and soft skills trainer in India who holds fourteen Guinness world records.

Jayasimha said that creative visualisation is important to remember information because pictures are easy to remember. The brain does not like text so it is hard to remember it, he added.

“Once you know how to convert texts into pictures, it is easy to remember,” he said.

Khazon, in association with the Bhutan Innovation and Technology Centre of the IT park, is organising the workshop.

Khazon is an organisation that offers a range of conferences, seminars, business forums, expos and professional training programmes.

Khazon’s manager, Hemal Chhetri, said that the organisation will benefit participants, especially students, who are expected to perform better.

A parent who is a civil servant, Ram Gurung, planned to enroll his three children in an effort to improve their grades. “As an adult, we also face difficulties in remembering phone numbers, names, among others, so I will also attend all the sessions of the workshop,” he said.

A class X student, Sonam Dorji, said that he came to attend the free session to see if it is worth attending the rest of the paid sessions. “My parents won’t mind spending some amount if it helps me get good grades.”

The free session is followed by a five-day paid session that started yesterday.

Another class VI student, Rewash Sharma, said that the workshop will help him solve math problems easily. “I will ask my father and if he agree to give me Nu 300 then I will attend the math solving session.”

Economic affairs minister, Lekey Dorji, who attended the first session said that attending the workshop could improve self-confidence. “Jayasimha shows that the human mind can do wonders.”

Dechen Tshomo