Five months after a Bhutanese student went missing in Perth, Australia, police in Perth confirmed that his remains have been found and that they will hand his body over to the university.

The deceased was last seen at his home on October 5 last year and he left behind a suicide note on Facebook on October 12, stating that he was suffering from brain cancer and that he did not want to live until the disease became chronic.

Australian police in Perth, the Bhutanese community and Curtin University security officials search for him, combing places the deceased was familiar with but could not find him.

The deceased was pursuing a Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Chemistry on government scholarship since 2014.

It was learnt that a bush clearer had found the remains last month along with the deceased’s bag that contained his mobile phone and wallet in a park near Perth city.

A relative said that police then said it was 99 percent confirmed that it was the deceased’s remains but to be 100 percent sure, a DNA test is being conducted.

“Police called me, saying they will handover the body to the university,” a close relative, who has been in constant touch with Australian police said.

She said there were many who believed that he took his life because he owed money to many people but that is not the case. “He just owed to a friend and the amount isn’t much.”

She said that he had been complaining of headaches since childhood and he might have assumed that it was brain tumour.

A Perth resident, who was close with the deceased, said knowing the kind of person he was, he could have gone into the bush so that no one could be able to find his remains. “He was not someone who would give trouble to others.”

The Association for Bhutanese in Perth (ABPI) president, Lekey Tshering, said while he has not met the police yet, ABPI will work to return the body to university officials.

Staff reporter