Tshering Namgyal | Mongar

House and building owners in Mongar have reportedly increased rental charges which has left the business community worried.

“As house owners are increasing the rent abnormally high, the business in Mongar is no more lucrative. I am now planning to quit,” said one businesswoman. “The pandemic has already done a huge damage to our business and now the soaring rent is leaving us dry.”

A shopkeeper whose rent has been increased by Nu 5,000 in less than a year by the owner said: “If we argue they will force us out. We are left with no option.”

Many claim that today, in Mongar, about 100 square feet room is charged between Nu 12,000 to 20,000.

A whole unit space is charged as high as 50,000; the rent for hotels are between 45,000 to over Nu 100,000 a month.

A shopkeeper said it’s high time the government intervened and imposed laws to control rent.

“This will benefit tenants and also the government to collect the rental tax without evasion,” a garment shop owner said.

Residents said some owners don’t even issue the receipt for rental payment.

Some have quite the business due to limited profit and higher rent.

Residents claim the rental charges drastically went up after financial institutions and regional offices started occupying private buildings for their offices paying Nu 35,000 to 50,000 a month.

It is learned that about seven regional offices have leased in land; construction of one or two offices are being planned, according to sources.