Neten Dorji | Wamrong

Without a gynaecologist at the Reserbu General Hospital, expecting mothers are being referred to hospitals in Trashigang and Mongar.

Tshering Yangzom was referred to Mongar Regional Referral Hospital. She said it was difficult having to travel so far away. “It is very risky,” she said.

Dechen Choden, went to Mongar hospital recently. “It is difficult and inconvenient to travel when one is pregnant,” she said.

Having a gynaecologist in Reserbu hospital would benefit expecting mothers of Kangpara, Thrimshing, and Pemagatshel.

“Incase of caesarian, hospital needs gynaecologist. Difficult road and distance is the problem,” said a mother.

“If there is a gynaecologist at Reserbu hospital, expecting mothers need not be referred refer to Mongar,” he said.  “You never know what will happen if complication arises as the journey takes hours.”

According a record with hospital, the hospital referred 108 expecting mothers to Mongar and Trashigang in 2019.