KP Sharma  

The Opposition Party urges the government and relevant agencies to restructure and retain the arts and humanities courses in tertiary education institutions. 

The party recommended the government to implement the reform in a phased manner allowing the current Class XII passed and studying, Cl XI, and those undertaking supplementary papers in colleges to complete their college studies.

The opposition also urged to have a plan for the smooth transition of children to other courses as well as for arts teachers to other fields of teaching or other employment avenues. 

It has further asked the relevant stakeholders to diversify education and training pathways and opportunities for children after class ten.

The party said that the abrupt decision has hugely impacted children, teachers, and parents. “It has directly affected 5,805 arts students who passed class XII examinations recently.” 

It will affect those currently studying in Class XII and XI too according to the party.

The party added that reform initiatives and current issues of discontinuing or re-purposing the tertiary education programmes have arisen because of the lack of proper prior planning followed by an abrupt announcement of changes.

According to the opposition party, arts, and humanities courses should be restructured as a part of larger education and national reforms to enhance relevance and employability but not done away with. 

“They do have a critical role and eternal relevance to society and nation.”

It said that if the government had completed the formulation of the 21st-century economic roadmap and education reform, the current predicament and challenges would not have arisen.

In view of the issue, the opposition party has urged the government and relevant agencies to work closely as a team and expedite resolving the current issues.

The party also said that the government should chart a clear long-term roadmap for the education sector from primary to tertiary levels.