Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue

Ridhawo, the only village in Dangchhu Gewog in Wangdue that grows paddy is expected to receive improved irrigation water supply next year.

The improved irrigation water supply will benefit around 50 households of the village.

Today, water for Ridhawo residents comes from Baeluchunju located around 1.5km away from the village.

Dangchhu Gup Pemba said that while the water was enough at source, when brought to the village, a stream diverts from the main source. “The water source, which diverts on the way doesn’t benefit anyone.”

Farmers in Ridhawo depend on paddy and other vegetables for an income.

Ridha-Norbooding Tshogpa Rinzin said that the farmers grow vegetables on small scale for an income. Paddy cultivation was largely for consumption.

He added that due to lack of enough water, the paddy harvest was affected in past. “Despite manure and good quality of seed, because of the water, the harvest is affected.”

Today, a farmer during paddy-growing season receives water for two days after every 20 days.

Despite the issue, however, the fields aren’t left barren.

“They have to grow paddy for consumption,” tshogpa Rinzin said.

The issue of lack of enough irrigation water in the village was raised in the past in the gewog. The budget to bring irrigation water to the village was beyond gewog’s fund and thus the work was never initiated.

Gup Pemba said that now the initiatives are being taken to bring the water to the village.

Work will be executed from this month and is expected to be completed by May next year.

The water flagship programme is funding the project.