Road safety tips for children

“Safe Journey, road safety tips for children,” written by Prem P Adhikari, is an easy-to-understand handbook on road safety tips with simple and understandable illustrations. Through the book, a child can pick up tips and understand the basic skills on road safety.


With 61 pages, the book covers many important areas in road safety – how to walk on the road or through the zebra crossing, how to bicycle following the traffic rules, how to travel in public transport, and a basic understanding of traffic signs, signals, vehicle indicators and road markings.

The author, who worked with the Road Safety and Transport Authority for 10 years, notes that children today are exposed to high risk on the road both as a pedestrian or a cyclist, and the risk is even higher if they are unable to understand and correctly interpret traffic rules, car indicators, signage and road markings.

“It is important to teach children the necessary skills to maneuver road and traffic especially in urban places such as Thimphu,” says Prem P Adhikari in the author’s note.

The book is a timely reminder of how important it is to make a child understand and be aware of the basic and minute details on road safety.

The book is available at various bookstores for Nu 399 a copy.

Thinley Zangmo

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