The area in question is located below Taa Dzong in Trongsa

Road: Concerns have been raised on whether the hill below Taa Dzong in Trongsa is stable enough for road widening.

This concern was raised during the recent Trongsa Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT).

Trongsa Dzongdag Sonam Rinchen said the concerned committee must revisit the site and see what can be done. “We can’t take it easy as it could be dangerous to Taa Dzong, even if the committee has already approved the work,” he said, raising the need for a thorough assessment.

Some structures of the dzong are located close to the hill.

Trongsa dzongkhag engineer, Passang Dorji said the site was inspected by a team that included the Dzongdag. “Later, the committee had decided to cut more,” he said.

The Department of Roads (DoR) has already begun cutting the hill following initial approval by the committee.

However, when further cuts were made on April 21, Taa Dzong officials objected and the department suspended its work.

DoR’s Chief Engineer Tougay Choedup said they wanted to cut the hill and then construct a retaining wall against the hill. “Actually, it’s within the right of way but still Taa Dzong officials are concerned and we must respect it,” he said.

Tougay Choedup said more cutting was carried out because the width of the road was short by two metres. “Even if we cut two more meters now, the road width will still not be the required 10.5m,” he said.

Road widening work along the stretch is currently in full swing.

Officials of Taa dzong could not be contacted.

 Nima Wangdi | Trongsa