Samdrupjongkhar thromde will construct a craft bazaar at Bangtsho in Dewathang to revive and promote local handicrafts.

The thrompon, Karma Sherab Tobgyel, said that people in Orong and Phelumo wove handbags and other bamboo products in the past. “But tradition has declined now.”

He said that tender and evaluation works were done but they have not yet issued the acceptance letter to the contractor. The government-funded Nu 6 million (M) for the project. The duration of the project is seven months.

The thrompon said there would be six stalls, with a viewing deck on the top, an exhibition hall, and a cafeteria in a one-storey building and an open-air multipurpose theatre in the front.

He said that there is no ownership when thromde provides free stalls. “We will, therefore, form a committee and rent it out at a minimal rate.” The rent would be used to carry out maintenance works in the future.

Karma Sherab Tobgyel said that space would be rented out depending on the uniqueness of the handicraft items, as thromde intends to make people sell different items instead of having the same item for sale in all stalls. “We will give the opportunity to the people from other dzongkhags if we cannot fill up the stalls.”

He, however, said that if many people come forward to rent out space, they will conduct the lucky draw. “We will also look at the possibility of extending the area.”

The thrompon said that since Dewathang is a historical place in the country, thromde is planning to construct a museum for tourist.

Meanwhile, shopkeepers of Dewathang said they are looking forward to the craft bazaar.

Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar