LG: People of the eleven gewogs in Samtse chose to vote for new gups on Septmeber 27. Samtse, Norboogang, Pemaling, and Yoeseltse voted in their former gups.

Tendu, Tashicholing and Norgaygang have new gups.

In Tendu, 30-year-old Nima Dukpa was elected gup. He secured 1,218 votes out of 2,304.

In Sipsu, Samir Giri secured a total of 649 votes and was elected gup.

Norgaygang finally has a gup. The gewog did not have a gup since the former gup, elected in 2011, was terminated when he was convicted and sentenced to prison in April. All the five chiwogs in Norgaygang had a gup contestant each. Rinchen Dorji who was elected gup with 756 votes.

In Pemaling, former gup Khemraj Ghalley, who was the lone contestant, won with 1,617 “yes” votes.

Yoeseltse elected former gup Ganga Prasad Limbu. He secured a massive 1,003 votes against his only opponent’s 383.

Former gup of Ugyentse, Sonam Norbu, who was also the dzongkhag tshogdu representative, lost to a newcomer. Karna Bahadur Thakuri is the new Ugyentse gup.

Former gups of Sangachholing and Namgaychholing also lost to newcomers. Kalyan Pradhan received 696 votes and was elected gup of Sangacholing. In Namgaycholing, Ratna Bahadur Ghalley was elected gup.

In Gomtu, Robat Lepcha was elected gup.

In Dophuchen dungkhag, all four gewogs now have new gups.

Rajesh Rai | Sipsu