Sarpang dzongkhag wrapped up its dhamngoi zomdu for the National Council (NC) elections in all its 12 gewogs with the last zomdu held in Gelephu thromde on March 14.

Of the 12 people, who declared their intention to contest for NC and participated in gewog dhamngoi zomdu, eight were nominated.

Anand Rai, the lone aspirant from Gakiling gewog, secured 374 yes and 41 no votes on March 8.

The next day in Shompangkha gewog dhamngoi zomdu, Sangay Dorji Tamang, got 210 votes and lost to Ugyen Tshering Dorji who secured 255 votes.

It was a close race in Dekiling gewog. Incumbent NC member from Sarpang, Dhan Bdr Monger secured 362 votes, while his opponent Yonten Jamtsho from Chhokhorling secured 355 votes.

Of the 717 voters who came to the gewog centre to vote at the zomdu, 419 were men and 298 women.

Dzongkhag election officials provided voter photo identity cards on the same day, helping more than 10 people to vote on the day.

Samtenling nominated its lone aspirant from the gewog, Mon Bdr Rai with 229 voters voting in favour of his nomination and 31 no votes on March 11.

The majority of voters at the Jigmechholing gewog zomdu chose Tshering Penjor with 353 votes over Krishna Bdr Gurung who got 253 votes.

In the last gewog zomdu on March 14, Gelephu thromde voted for Tshering Norbu with 246 votes. There were 28 no votes.

On March 7, Pema Tashi from Serzhong gewog secured 390 votes beating Kunzang Dorji who got 240 votes. In Chuzangang gewog, Khari Lal Gurung secured 177 yes votes and 118 no votes on March 6.

Of the 12 gewogs and a thromde, Gelephu, Tareythang, Umling, Sengye and Chhudzom gewogs did not nominate candidates for the NC elections.

Four of the eight gewogs had two aspirants each contesting to be the nominee from their respective gewogs.

The losing candidates accepted the results with humility. They congratulated the successful nominee and thanked those who remained behind for the results after casting their votes.

An elderly relative of the losing candidate in Shompangkha gewog came up to Ugyen Tshering Dorji, who was nominated from the gewog.

“Do visit us frequently and remember us and our troubles,” he said, as he shook hands to congratulate and express his good wishes.

The aspirants remained in the gewog zomdu halls witnessing the process. Voters greeted them with folded palms, as is the tradition in southern parts of the country and the aspirants nodded back with huge smiles.

Voters rushed in the morning and after lunch the numbers dwindled. As soon as they cast the votes, the voters moved away, gradually giving a deserted look to the gewog centre.

Meanwhile, the dzongkhag recorded a low voter turnout at the gewog dhamngoi zomdus.

Of the 29,789 eligible voters in the dzongkhag, about 14.7 percent, 4,368 came to vote at the polling stations.

Gakiling gewog has about 2,597 eligible voters, of which only 415 came to cast their votes. Shompangkha gewog recorded 23.05 percent turnout with 465 of 2017 eligible voters casting their votes.

Tshering Palden