Lhakpa Quendren | Gelephu

The nine National Council (NC) candidates of Sarpang dzongkhag, which has nominated the highest number of candidates, outlined different election pledges for the voters.

Addressing human-wildlife conflict, curbing corruption, private sector development, educational reform, tourism development, agriculture and livestock development, and review of policies and legislation, among others, are the areas they pledged.


Kuenga, 36, from Gelephu gewog pledged to alleviate human-wildlife conflict by introducing insurance policies and to provide opportunities and engagement programmes for youths.

Having worked in different schools in Sarpang for over a decade, he understands the needs of people. “People would hear their voices frequently in the parliament pushing for solutions. The most deserving candidate must win,” Kuenga said.

Serzhong gewog’s Pema Tashi, 38, pledged to curb nepotism and corruption and revive the day labour facilities, lift green zone areas, and ensure economic sustainability.

“I‘ve over 13 years of experience in the law field,” he said. “Other candidates have their own fields of expertise but I’d do better which I think is the best for Sarpang and the nation at large.”

Anand Rai, 39, from Gakiling gewog promised to support private sector development, and early release of micro-loans from financial institutions to the rural people if elected.

He said that his five years of experience as a Member of Parliament would certainly help the people. “Deliberation of problems of the people will be quick as I have experience in speaking in the Parliament house.”

“People have to choose the right candidate for the post to strengthen the democratic process,” Anand Rai said.

Fifty-one-year-old Rajesh Rai from Singye gewog pledged to ensure a fair and just law and fulfil the needs and aspirations of the people through monitoring the implementation of plans and programme.

“The people of Sarpang should elect me as their Member of Parliament since I am a senior school principal with an educational leadership background of over 23 years with an excellent record,” he said.

“I’m committed to my duty with the highest integrity, sincerity, and confidence for the people of Sarpang and the nation at large,” he added. “The voices of people will be heard in Parliament.”

Umling gewog’s 42-year-old Dechen Lhaden pledged to ensure upholding civil society free of oppression and discrimination and focus on a good quality of life.

She said that some remotest villages still lack basic facilities like electricity, marketing opportunities, road and education, and mobile network. “I am multi-skilled, with over 20 years of working experience, and a dynamic futuristic woman vying for true public services.”

“This is the first time Sarpang is seeing a female candidate in the last 15 years. The people should support a woman representative as women are not really forthcoming in the elections,” she said.

Dorji Dukpa, 56, from Shompangkha gewog is promising to address economic, food security, and youth-associated problems and preserve national security.

“If elected, I’d ensure food security and focus on becoming more self-sufficient. I’d also focus to solve the rising economic crisis and youth-related issues in the country,” he said.

Deo Kumar Rimal, 37, from Chhudzom gewog promised to plan the development as per the digitalisation and modernisation, be self-sufficient, encourage more participation of youths and civil servants in law amendment, and equal opportunities to those who need special care.

“Being from a remote village, I understand the real issues. I’d also focus on rural development. If elected, I would also incorporate the reliable pledges of other candidates into my pledges,” he said.

Khari Lal Gurung, 39, from Chhuzergang gewog pledged to maintain the security and sovereignty of the country, solve land-related issues, agriculture and livestock development, and rural and tourism development.

“Most  people are engaged in agriculture and livestock and I have worked in the agriculture farm for over 13 years,” he said.

San Badhur Monger, 42, from Dekiling gewog pledged to maintain security, reduce youth-related issues, and economic development, and review policy to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

“I’ve seen and experienced  on the ground issues over the past four years.  I’d also focus on addressing youth issues like engaging in PUBG mobile games,” he said.