Staff Reporter  

Sarpang reported 88 new positive cases, the highest one-day case record from the community, yesterday. The close contacts of these cases are in the quarantine facility.

A total of 39 cases were from Sarpang Central School, 49 cases were from the red clusters in Gelephu, and one imported case is an expatriate worker.

While only two boys tested positive from Sarpang CS, almost all girls staying in the hostel tested positive. There are 85 girls staying in the hostel, and 64 of them have tested positive since the school reported the first case on January 20.  

There are 11 new community cases from the same red clusters that reported community cases since January 16 in Gelephu.

Sarpang reported close to 240 positive cases from the community, close contacts, and imported cases, including the 45 foreign workers this month.