… Town beautification and enhancement of public parks to begin soon

Lhakpa Quendren | Sarpang

With the completion of blacktopping the roads, constructing footpaths, and installation of streetlights complete, Sarpang Tar is entering a significant phase of infrastructural development.

The small town near the Sarpang Dzongkhag administration now boasts beautifully paved roads which not only enhance the town’s appearance but also provide a more pleasurable journey for everyone.

Both roads connecting the town with the highway are blacktopped, footpaths with steel railing and lighting systems. According to a Sarpang Dzongkhag official, the installation of streetlight systems and CCTV cameras is planned to take place soon to address waste management issues.

The series of infrastructure development brought excitement and optimism among residents and businesses, as it brings numerous benefits, including safety and convenience to the local community and beyond.

Sabitra Gurung, 29, a small business owner, said that the improved infrastructure has created a more inviting and accessible environment with safety and security for local businesses. “Previously, without streetlights, shops were vulnerable to theft. Now, streetlights would help to reduce the risk of theft.”

“We used to close the shop early due to the lack of proper lighting. With the completion of the improved lighting, more people would be encouraged to go on walks in the late evening, which would benefit the shopkeepers,” she said,” adding that the shopkeepers no longer need to cover their shop doors with curtains to protect dust from entering inside.

The installation of streetlights would transform the nighttime atmosphere by enhancing safety for pedestrians and making walking during the evening and night hours more pleasurable.

Sangay Lhamo, 40, a resident of Sarpang said that residents now have the freedom to go for walks with their children, especially in the evenings and nights. “It created a more pleasant environment for outdoor activities, allowing us to enjoy evening walks, which were otherwise limited due to the dusty conditions.”

For taxi operators, the blacktopped roads brought a sigh of relief as the smoother roads offer a more comfortable journey and enjoyable experience for their passengers.

Chandra Lal Gautam, 36, a taxi operator, said that the upgraded roads also benefited taxi operators and improved their waiting experience. “The smooth blacktopped roads have made commuting much more comfortable. We no longer have to deal with dust during winter and muddy tracks during the monsoons.”

Exciting developments included the widening of roads from single lanes to double lanes. One of the key focus areas of the upcoming works will be the enhancement of public parks and the beautification of the town.

While specific timelines for the beautification works are yet to be finalised, the official assures residents that the projects will start in the upcoming financial year.