Nima | Gelephu

At the emergency meeting held late night yesterday, the task force decided that Sarpang will go under complete lockdown after 1pm today.

The contact tracing and testing for more than 300 people who came to the dzongkhag from Thimphu is almost complete. Results are all negative so far.

More than 700 frontline workers who were tested for Covid-19 also came negative.

The half day preparation phase is expected to facilitate vegetable vendors to sell their perishable goods to the identified delivery enterprises and avoid damage.

The task force decided to facilitate the movement of the routine travellers who are undergoing mandatory seven-day quarantine.

There are more than 230 outbound travellers undergoing mandatory quarantine in Gelephu. They will also be allowed to discontinue the quarantine, according to the task force.

The dzongkhag had stopped registration for the quarantine from December 19.

Export and import of goods will continue but the construction works in the dzongkhag will need required appraisal from the task force.

The movement of foreign workers and the students from the dzongkhag would be facilitated.

The emergency travel and essential permits would be operated through incident commander secretariat office.

The Secretariat office is divided into three different zones: the secretariat office at Gelephu could be contacted at 1006, Sarpang at 2072, and Umling at 17131850.

Sarpang dzongdag Lobzang Dorji said the lockdown this time is much relaxed and bearable to the people, as they get time to prepare.

“It is not abrupt unlike the first lockdown. And the information flow and guidance to the people are more structured,” he said.

Officials have been appointed to attend domestic violence related issues.