Lhakpa Quendren | Gelephu

Pema Tashi, 38, secured his National Council seat. His maturity, personality, and legal experience played a significant part.

Tashi Rinchen from Chhuzanggang Gewog said that Pema Tashi possesses a strong sense of responsibility, which is crucial for reacting to various situations.

A voter from Sershong Gewog said: “I know him quite well. Pema doesn’t say anything unless necessary. He is a no-sense man.”

In Shongpangkha, voters said that Pema Tashi with his legal expertise would make a difference in Parliament.

“We realised that it is important to elect someone who speaks well because participation in the sessions makes a big difference,” a voter said.

The voters in Dekiling Gewog said that Pema Tashi was the best of all the candidates.

“He looks and sounds genuine,” a voter said.

The voters are expecting a different version of leadership this time around.

“We expect our candidate to visit our villages more often because public interactions are necessary to understand the ground issues. We hope to see him frequently,” stated a voter said.

Young voters want representatives who are innovative and can take action on issues.

Pema Tashi secured 5,253 votes out of the 19,664 voters who turned up on the poll day in Sarpang.

For Gelephu and Dekiling Gewogs, it was the story of two friends who shared the same supporters and voters. Votes were divided between the two candidates—San Badhur Monger from Dekiling Gewog secured the second-highest votes of 2,918, followed by Kuenga from Gelephu Gewog with 2,863.