Chencho Dema

Clarifying what is going around on social media, the People’s Democratic Party candidate from the Kabji-Talo constituency, Namgyal Dorji, says the accusation of his party giving tegos and kira pieces is not just unfounded, but patently absurd.

The candidate was forced to clarify the issue when an unidentified woman in a video footage that has gone viral on social media accused his party  of giving voters tego and kira pieces during the campaign in Thangzona, Punakha. The post went viral needing intervention to clarify.

The video clip, which was shot at the PDP’s November 8 launch ceremony in Punakha with media and Election Commission of Bhutan representatives in attendance, has been altered and doctored, said Namgyal Dorji.

The colorful bundles that were placed in front of the people during the president’s speech to the public were mistaken for tego and kira pieces intended to bribe voters.  At the Thangzona there were 600 coordinators from Kabji-Talo Gewog who had come to attend the meeting. 

“It is also evident from the timing that the video is being shared on social media with the intention of harming the party’s reputation with the pictures of the November 7 event surfacing just a few days prior to the poll day,” he said. 

Namgyal Dorji clarified that the scarves were brought to the Machey Lhakhang in the Punakha dzong to be blessed and conferred to the registered coordinators by the president in recognition of their support during the campaign launch ceremony.

Kuenga Tashi, general secretary of PDP said, “The PDP is deeply concerned about the recent viral video making baseless accusations against the party. The recent viral video is a clear attempt to defame the party. The footage has been doctored from our legitimate campaign event, in Punakha, attended by election officials and the media.” 

The party’s representative from Punakha has alerted the Election Commission of Bhutan about the deceitful tactic.

“We have requested authorities to investigate the case and identify the person who doctored the picture and spread lies about the Party. Furthermore, the PDP remains confident in the wisdom and intelligence of the Bhutanese people and is confident they will see through this attempt to manipulate public opinion,” he added.