Tsirang has 208 candidates vying for various LG posts 

Choki Wangmo | Tsirang

Voters of Sergithang Maed chiwog in Sergithang, Tsirang are voting today for the third time in three weeks to nominate a gup candidate from their chiwog.

Since the former Sergithang gup, who was selected from the dhamngoi zomdu earlier this month, passed away recently, another zomdu was conducted in the chiwog yesterday.

The two contenders for the gup post, Aita Raj Rai and Bedu Nath Rai, ended up in a draw with each securing 46 votes.

Across the dzongkhag, 208 candidates have been nominated for gup, mangmi, and tshogpa positions.

Out of the 62 aspiring gup candidates from the dzongkhag, 39 gups were nominated from the zomdus. Out of four female aspirants, one couldn’t make it through the dhamngoi zomdus.

Due to clearance issues, the candidature of two potential gups was revoked and another candidate passed away.

There are 37 candidates, three of whom are females, vying for mangmi posts, and 132 tshogpa candidates, out of which only 19 are women.

According to the records with the Tsirang election office, the majority of female candidates were from the Kilkhorthang-Mendrelgang constituency.

There was only one gup and one tshogpa candidate from Sergithang-Tsirangtoed constituency.

Nine former gups who re-contested were selected from the dhamngoi zomdus. There are 12 gewogs in Tsirang.

A total of 6,868 voters, 3,931 men and 2,937 women, took part in the current local government election. This includes the thromde area.

Edited by Tshering Palden