Chencho Dema 

A 32-year-old man from Sarpang, who is residing in Thimphu, was arrested and detained at South Thimphu police station on February 27 on charges of 7 cases of burglaries that was reported on the day.

On February 27, the police registered 7 cases of burglaries around Babesa community, based on which police personnel were dispatched and surveillance carried out.

The last case was registered at around 10pm. Around 12 midnight, the suspect was arrested from near his house in Babesa.

Upon investigation, the police recovered a camera, ornament such as gold earrings, and foreign and old Bhutanese currencies along with some cash. 

The police stated that the suspect targeted houses that were locked and unoccupied during the daytime.

Police said with the case still under investigation they are yet to determine the total worth of the value. 

The suspect had past criminal records, was unemployed, and residing in Thimphu with his wife.