Except for the roadblock at Ossey in Sarpang, several roadblocks across the country opened to traffic yesterday.

The block at Ossey along the Gelephu-Zhemgang highway is yet to clear. Landslides and falling boulders have washed away the road width and blocked traffic since  August 2 evening.

Department of roads’ chief engineer at Sarpang, Chet Bdr Chhettri, said that with poor visibility, falling boulders and landslides continue at the area. “We cannot say when the road would open to traffic since it is also about the safety of the workers and the road users.”

Machinery and men have been deployed at the area. “We are working when we can to clear the road,” he said.

Earlier the road between Sarpang to Daleychu was also blocked due to landslides in on August 2. The road was cleared yesterday morning.

“There was a block at Sunkosh-Daga road, which was also cleared yesterday morning. We worked from around 5am and it was cleared at around 7am,” Chet Bdr Chhettri said.

The roadblock at Damchu-Chukha bypass since yesterday morning has also been cleared. The block was due to falling boulders and was cleared around 9am.

Another roadblock at Chainage, 63km from Samdrupjongkhar towards Trashigang opened to traffic at 4pm yesterday. Landslides had blocked the road in the afternoon.

At Reotala in Trongsa, roadblocks are witnessed time and again. According to the DoR’s chief engineer at Trongsa, Ugyen Dorji, two excavators are deployed at the area all the time.

He added that the place has landslides continuously and requires regular clearing during monsoon. “Every time we have rain, there is landslide at Reotala. This place has landslides every monsoon. It is also difficult to work in the rain.”

Khelekha and road between Chuserbo and Rukhubji on the Wangdue-Trongsa highway also has continuous landslides.

DoR’s chief engineer at Lobesa in Wangdue, Karma Tenzin, said that since monsoon started, landslides are witnessed frequently in these areas.

“However, the road has never been blocked for a day or so. We always try to clear the roads within one to two hours. These places have roadblocks but the road is open to traffic.”

The block at Tshangkha near Tsheringma Drupchu at Trongsa on August 2 was also cleared the same day.

Today, commuters can check the status of roadblocks across the country through the ‘Bhutan road safety app’ that is updated by DoR.

Phurpa Lhamo