Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing

A six-year-old student studying in class one in Dipujhora ECR, Norbugang under Samtse dzongkhag was beaten by her class teacher on April 6 afternoon.

The incident occured during an extra class at around 2pm. The girl is from Dipujhora B village.

The case was taken to police in Samtse yesterday and mutually resolved.

The father of the girl said he came to know of the incident after he returned home from work that day.

“My daughter had even gone unconscious,” he said. “My daughter’s friends had told this to my wife. I learned it when I was home.”

Yesterday afternoon, the case was taken to the gup’s office from where it was forwarded to the police.

The father of the girl said the case has been solved on “an understanding basis”.

“The teacher has given a statement to the police,” he said. He will also not teach the class where his daughter studies after the mid-term.

Meanwhile, the girl was taken to the dzongkhag hospital yesterday. She was in a stable condition as of yesterday and at home. 

The school principal said the teacher had beaten up the girl during a maths class. 

“He had also beaten other students but the girl’s parent complained,” he said. 

The principal said the girl’s father asked the teacher not to teach the same class because it would impact the girl. He said the case will be further discussed with the education office for the teacher’s placement. 

“He could also be transferred to other schools,” he said, adding the decision is yet to be made. 

“But he will not teach in the ECR.” 

The teacher, he said, has been teaching at the ECR for the fourth year.