Samtse police detained a 24-year-old man for stabbing his mother who succumbed to her wounds on the morning of March 14 in Dorokha, Samtse.

According to a source, the suspect sleeps in a temporary hut near their house. The incident happened at around 8am that day when the deceased went to cook for her son.

A police official said that the alleged suspect confessed to police that he stabbed his mother in the back with a kitchen knife that he had bought a few days ago. He confessed that his mother, the deceased scolded him for not waking up early and that got him angry.

The alleged suspect then threw the knife outside the house and fled the scene.

The suspect’s father reported the case to the police after he saw his wife, the deceased lying on their kitchen floor.

The father and neighbors took the deceased to the Dorokha Basic Health Unit immediately. “The mother was declared dead when she was brought to the BHU,” a source said.

Samtse police launched a manhunt in the area after they received information that the suspect was seen walking along the Samtse highway.

The official said that police arrested the suspect at around 8pm on the same day.

Dechen Tshomo