Sherab Lhamo

Starting from January 2, special early voting for persons with disability began in Haa and Paro.

 It ended yesterday.

 A total of 169 voters participated in the election out of 178 registered voters  in Haa and Paro.

 In Haa, 86 voted out of 88 voters—66 were Female and 23 Male.

In Sombaykha constituency in Haa, a total of 28 registered voters, 26 voted.

The returning officer shared that two voters were unable to attend as they were admitted in hospital. One of the voters was not able to cast a vote since the primary round.

In Bji-Kartshog-Uesu constituency, the voter turnout was 100 percent. All of the 60 voters voted.

In Paro, 83 individuals cast their votes out of a total of 90 eligible voters, comprising 52 females and 31 males.

The election officer explained that some individuals were unable to vote due to fact of their designated stations; some had expired; and others, facing critical illness, opted not to participate in the voting process.

The election started from 8 am to 5 in the afternoon.