Bhutanese at home remain our priority

KP Sharma

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay has assured citizens that the new office for returning Bhutanese will not divert the government’s focus from domestic issues, particularly rising youth unemployment and other support needed by citizens within the country.

The announcement of the office earlier garnered criticism from some sections of the society stating that the government was neglecting Bhutanese citizens already in the country.

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay clarified that the government remains dedicated to empowering all Bhutanese citizens, both those seeking to return home and contribute their expertise, and those within the country.

Lyonchhen reassured that the new office signifies an expansion of support and not a shift in focus. He reassured that the government’s primary focus remains on the Bhutanese citizens currently in the country.

“Our priority is still to those who are here,” he said, acknowledging the rising number of unemployed youths who require training and opportunities.

The government, he added, plans to enhance training programmes, provide mentorship, and offer loans to support new business ventures.

This approach, Lyonchhen said, aims to enhance both the private sector and government employees by equipping them with the skills and resources needed to improve their performance and contribute to the economy.

The government earlier announced its plan to establish a new office to provide comprehensive support and information to Bhutanese citizens abroad who wish to return home and also interested in investing in the country.

Lyonchhen added that the aim of the office is to streamline the process for returnees by offering guidance on investment opportunities, business setup approvals, and job opportunities.

“The office would cater specifically to Bhutanese who have gained experience and financial resources overseas, including experienced civil servants aged 35 and above.”

The goal is to harness their expertise and investments to contribute to national development.

“We will provide them with information and support and let them return,” the Prime Minister stated.

This includes helping them navigate the regulatory landscape to get the necessary approvals to set up their ventures.

By creating a conducive environment for returning Bhutanese to invest and start businesses, the government hopes to foster economic growth and innovation.

This initiative also aims to broaden national strategy of integrating the skills and resources of the Bhutanese diaspora with the country’s developmental objectives.