Spinach and Ricotta stuffed Fatayer

Spinach and Ricotta stuffed Fatayer


Method: Mix sieved flour with sugar, salt, yeast, melted butter and add required water to make smooth dough

Cover it with cling wrap and keep it aside for 30 minutes

Shred spinach and sprinkle some salt and leave it aside, till the time spinach leaves water

Squeeze spinach leaves and discard water, add chopped onion, tomato and crumbled ricotta/grated cottage cheese. Add salt and pepper as per taste

Roll out yeast dough with the help of rolling pin and make sure thickness is not more than 3mm and cut into rounds 3 inch diameter

Keep spinach mixture in the centre of the round and join it from three sides to give it triangular shape

Bake at 170.c preheated oven for 8 to 9 minutes. Keep an eye on product to avoid over baking

Serve with harrisa or minted labneh

For Fatayer Dough:

Ingredient Quantity

Refined flour (maida) 400gm

Fresh yeast 10gm

Sugar 10gm

Salt 10gm

Butter 50gm

Water as required

For Spinach and Ricotta Filling:

Spinach leaves 400gm

Garlic 20gm

Ricotta (cottage cheese) 80gm

Onion (chopped) 50gm Tomato (de-seeded, chopped) 50gm

Black pepper 2gm

Salt to taste


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