Nim Dorji | Bumthang

Passengers on their way to Mongar and Trashigang, stranded in Bumthang, have decided to meet and decide what course to take after they were stuck in Bumthang for three nights.

With the highway between Mongar and Bumthang blocked at Thrumshingla, the highest point between Bumthang and the eastern dzongkhags, since February 25, passengers are demanding the bus driver to take them through an alternate route. This is because most of the passengers are villagers who are starting to feel the pinch of staying in hotels in Bumthang.

The bus driver and the Proprietor of Phendey Kuenchab transport Kinley said the passengers are insisting on taking them to Trashigang via the Trongsa- Tingtibi- Nganglam-Mongar-Tashigang route. “Nganglam-Gyalpoizhing is also not safe with the risk of falling stones due to continuous rainfall a few days ago,” said the driver.

A passenger said that it is very difficult for them having to pay for food and lodge. “Some of us have just enough expenses to reach our destination, but staying in hotels for three nights and spending on food is beyond our means,” he said.

 Some more buses arrived in Bumhang after the passes were cleared.

According to DoR officials at Sengor, around 30 km of road from Latongla to Serpang  is covered in about three feet of snow.

Clearing works between Latongla towards Sengor are being carried out, but due to thick snow, only about four km was cleared as of yesterday.

Officials said with only a backhoe and tripper truck to spray salt, they have requested the DoR office in Lingmithang to depute a backhoe and tripper truck.

DOR officials are expecting to open the road by Saturday if the weather improves. Rain hampered clearing works in the last few days.