While the date of surgery to separate Bhutan’s conjoined twins who are currently in Melbourne, Australia, is yet to be confirmed, a pediatric surgeon with JDWNRH, Dr Karma Sherub, said the twin sisters are doing good.

Dr Karma Sherub said the surgeons at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne said they need some time for the girls to become stronger as they were under-weight. This is why the surgery was postponed last month.

According to foreign media reports, the specialists decided to delay the surgery which was initially scheduled for October 12 to allow Dawa further time to build strength before the operation.

He said it is important for the 15-months old sisters to be healthy for recovery and wound healing.

Dr Karma Sherub who was in Melbourne to observe the operation returned to Bhutan last month after the surgery was postponed. A nurse with JDWNRH who accompanied the mother and the twins to Australia is still with the family, assisting them.

“I was told the tentative date for the surgery was on November 9 but it is yet to be confirmed,” Dr Karma Sherab said.

The mother of the girls, Bumchu Zangmo, reportedly told foreign media that she is happy that the twins have grown heavy and is waiting for doctors to indicate when the surgery would go ahead.

Born through a caesarean section on July 13 last year at Phuentsholing General Hospital, the identical twins were joined at their lower chest and through their abdomen.

The surgery to separate the twins would be done at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Australia.

Children First Foundation, an Australian-based charity that focuses on ensuring children from developing countries, that has access to specialist surgeries and medical care in Melbourne would finance the travel and the surgery cost.

Dechen Tshomo