Waste: Waste collection is an issue that keeps raising its head from time to time. Blame shifts between service providers and residents.

But now with the installation of Global Positioning System (GPS) in garbage compactor trucks it is hoped that waste collection will no more be an issue. Thimphu thromde has installed GPS in 15 compactor trucks to monitor service timing of the trucks.

It is common to see garbage being dumped alongside the roadsides and dark alleys of the town. Residents complain that compactor trucks do not come on time.

Tshering Peljor, thromde’s chief environment officer, said that tracking system was installed in the trucks to improve service delivery.

“It becomes difficult to deploy individuals to monitor the services,” said Tshering Peljor. “With this system in place, it is easier to monitor the service.”

Yeshi Wangdi, head of thromde’s solid waste management division, said that as a monitoring agent, thromde will now keep the track of the trucks. “Sometimes people are not aware of the vehicle being present in their area and complain that the trucks don’t come on time.”

Thromde has also installed two CCTV cameras in areas where people dump their waste. Tshering Peljor said that the cameras were place as part of thromde’s awareness programme.

“This has proved effective. People do not throw their garbage mindlessly anymore,” he said “We have set up cameras in other locations and are being monitored.”

Younten Tshedup