Chencho Dema

A woman’s body was found concealed beneath stacks of cardboard boxes by children playing in lower Motithang near the DGPC office on the evening of March 31.

Children reported the incident to a resident who lived near the crime scene at around 5:30pm. Subsequently, the police were informed of the situation.

According to initial investigation, the victim was a 25-year-old woman from Tsirang, a divorcee and mother of a child. She was employed at one of the karaoke bars in the capital city.

Investigating officials said that video footage had captured both the suspect and the victim exiting a taxi. The footage also recorded the disturbing incident, depicting the suspect striking the victim with a blunt object, identified as a rock.

Within an hour of the crime, a 32-year-old suspect was arrested from his home near the scene. The suspect is a Class 12 dropout who lives with his parents.

The police are yet to determine the motive of the crime.

Currently, the police are awaiting the forensic report to ascertain the cause of death. The suspect will undergo a mental health assessment.

Kuensel learned that the suspect had gone out for an outing on the night of March 30 and had consumed beer at a karaoke.

Around 4 am, while returning home, the suspect encountered the victim alone near the Le Meridien area. He arranged for a taxi to take her to his residence.

They were not acquainted with each other prior to the incident.

Upon reaching the suspect’s residence, the victim refused to climb the stairs, leading to a verbal altercation. In a fit of anger, the suspect allegedly pushed her after she insulted his family, causing her to strike her head on a metal railing and rendering her unconscious.

Sources said that the suspect used a wooden plank to strike the victim and also hit her with what looked like a brick. Upon realising that the victim was no longer breathing, the suspect proceeded to drag her and conceal her behind an electric box. Subsequently, the suspect returned home but was unable to sleep. In the morning, he revisited the crime scene, where he discovered that the woman had died. He then covered her body with cardboard.

The suspect confessed to committing the crime.