Crime: Following a tip off, the Gelephu police with the help of Phuentsholing police arrested a 28-year-old Indian national in connection to a series of burglaries in Gelephu town.

The suspect from Nizlaguri in Shantipur, Assam was arrested in a hotel room in Phuentsholing on July 4, following traces he had left at the scene of the crime.

He is alleged to have stolen a Dell Laptop, INR 200,000, Nu 15,000, a gold chain weighing 23.3 grams, USD 1,000, a mobile phone, a citizenship identity card, two ATM cards, and a wrist watch. These items were burgled from Gelephu on June 30.

The man is alleged to have burgled another house in Gelephu town on the same day. He is alleged to have stolen a steel locker containing Nu 110,000, six gold plated dorjis weighing 58.3 grams, two traditional cups (phobs), a yangbum, two silver coated coronation coins, 10 dzees, 20 set pearls, an Acer Laptop and three wrist watches.

All these items were recovered from the suspect. While the case is still under investigation, it is suspected that the man was involved in several other crimes and was released from prison just six months earlier. He was arrested in 2006 and was convicted for three years and eight months. He was released in April 2010.

In the following year (2011) he was again arrested for committing a series of burglaries in Gelephu town and was arrested and convicted to another five years. He was then released on December 21 last year.

Meanwhile, on July 4 Gelephu police following a tip off arrested a 32-year-old man for illegal drug trafficking. The man from Pelrithang in Gelephu was found in possession of 429 pieces of Spasmo-proxyvon, five bottles of sealed Tossex and three empty Tossex bottles. Tossex is a cough syrup.

The consignment was found concealed inside the suspect’s vehicle wrapped in plastic. During interrogation the suspect confessed that the controlled substances worth Nu 3,000 was brought from Bongaigoan in Assam. The case is still under investigation.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang