Thinley Namgay  

The Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC)  has decided to use the Swimming Pool Complex in Thimphu as the boxing hall.

BOC has been filling up the pool since a month ago and will be handed to the Bhutan Boxing Federation after completion.

The swimming pool has remained closed since 2016 .  The existing pool is way smaller than the one prescribed by the international swimming federation, FINA.

The FINA-prescribed swimming pool is  25m by 20m.

BOC official, Kinley Tshering, said the committee’s decision to hand over the complex to the Bhutan Boxing Federation would immensely benefit the boxers in the country.

Currently, most boxers are using armed forces facilities to train.

BOC with support from FINA is in the process of building an international standard swimming pool at Bebena, Thimphu.  A Spanish company is carrying out the technical work.