‘Switched off’ a book depicting problems related to a modern society by Karma Tenzin was launched on July 8 in Thimphu.

The book revolves around the death of a character, Ram Bahadur Gurung and explores the investigation through the theme of negative impacts that technology has on our lives.

Author Karma Tenzin said His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo on June 2, 1999 said technologies have both advantages and disadvantages and that people should apply what is good and discard the bad.

He said people are not aware that they are getting carried away and getting addicted to the distractions offered by modern technology causing social problems. “People have no time for themselves, their siblings, their children or their parents.”

Karma Tenzin said people should realise the proper use of technology and use it only when absolutely necessary.

The title Switched Off indicates the light being put off, the phone that remained switched off and the death of Ram Bahadur Gurung.

The book starts with Ram Bahadur Gurung going missing. Readers are then introduced to other characters such as the investigator Max, a senior married civil servant Karma Rinzin, and Seday who is the mistress of Karma Rinzin and lover of Ram Bahadur Gurung.

Chief programme officer of private school division with the education ministry Karma Choden, in her review of Switched Off said, that through the investigation carried, readers come across the nuances of police investigation. “It tells the readers that ultimately truth reigns and one cannot run away from the consequences of one’s own actions.”

She said the book depicts the complexity and simplicity of the entwined relationships, and ordinary ways of life indicating the nature of human beings.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck launched the book.

Karma Tenzin started writing Switched Off towards the end of 2015, after he released his last book ‘The Darkest June’ in 2015.

Including Switched Off, Karma Tenzin who is a retired police officer has authored three other books – The Restless Relic, The Barnyard Murder and Other Stories, and The Darkest June.

Karma Cheki