Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

At the quarter-final match of the ongoing departmental football tournament in Samdrupjongkhar on June 26, the committee declared Thromde FC winner after TCC walked out.

The team TCC blamed the referee and linesman for unfair decision and refused to play the extra time.

The teams were equally strong and TCC was leading 2-1. A penalty kick was awarded to Thromde FC and the match ended in 2-2 draw.

TCC players rushed towards the linesman after the final whistle and police had to be called. When TCC refuse to play the extra time, the committee declared Thromde FC the winner.

TCC claim that the linesman was not fair because he works at the thromde. “We are not happy with the decision for the penalty re-take but we didn’t sign and walk out from the match,” a player said.

Organiser said the officials’ decision was not wrong because the team TCC’s players were found inside the penalty area during the penalty kick.

He said the committee members have asked the team TCC’s captain and manager to come for discussion but did not turn up, adding that players had removed their boots and walked out from the ground.

“The committee had to decide as per the terms and conditions. It’s not a profit-oriented tournament but was organised to bring the football enthusiast together,” an organiser said.

Fourteen teams from Samdrupjongkhar and Samdrupchoeling participated in the tournament.

Each team paid an entry fee of Nu 20,000. The prize money for the winner is Nu 70,000 and Nu 50,000 for the first runners-up.

The first semi-final will be played between Sampol FC and Thromde FC today. The second semi-final between JWC from Samdrupchoeling and Business FC will be played tomorrow.