Lhakpa Quendren | Gelephu

Like countless dreamers who harbour aspirations of pursuing their passions, 28-year-old Tempa Rinchen from Lhuentse has nurtured a deep fondness for singing since childhood. And now, in a remarkable balancing act, he continues to chase his musical ambitions while excelling in his teaching profession.

A graduate of the Paro College of Education, Tempa currently imparts his knowledge of ICT-Math at Sonamthang Central School in Zhemgang. However, his connection to music runs deeper than the classroom, as he recently established an audiovisual club in his school. Recognising the profound impact music has on shaping young lives, Tempa’s club provides an avenue for students to express themselves through music, fostering both a love for the art form and a collaborative spirit in music creation.

Tempa’s talent extends beyond teaching and mentoring. He has garnered significant attention through his covers of popular songs, performed by his students, that have become viral sensations on social media platforms. Through these covers, Tempa not only encourages children to appreciate and embrace music but also empowers them to join hands in creating harmonious melodies together.

The genesis of Tempa’s musical journey can be traced back to 2009, during his time as a student in Thimphu. It was then that he first penned a song, igniting within him an unquenchable desire to share his compositions and introduce the world to his music. However, resource limitations and the high studio fees required to record and release his original songs presented formidable obstacles.

Yet, undeterred by financial constraints, Tempa embarked on a personal quest to acquire the skills needed to produce music. He immersed himself in the world of FL Studio, a software programme that enables users to record and create music. Realising that music videos played a crucial role in promoting and popularising his songs, Tempa delved into the art of video production with unwavering determination. Gradually, he honed his skills in music composition, recording, and video editing, proving that passion and persistence are the keys to mastering a craft.

“During my college days, I found solace in collaborating with friends who shared my passion for music. They helped me record my songs,” Tempa said, reminiscing his journey. While some of his compositions achieved widespread acclaim, others remained relatively unknown. Nevertheless, Tempa’s unwavering spirit and commitment to his craft have propelled him forward.

Tempa attributes much of his success to the unwavering support of his wife, who encouraged the establishment of a simple home studio—a cornerstone of his thriving musical expedition. Additionally, he recognises the invaluable contributions of his school’s principal, colleagues, and students, who have been instrumental in the realisation of his musical works.

For Tempa, the struggle to align one’s passions with a clear path remains an all too familiar narrative for many young individuals. However, his recent endeavours have given him hope that his musical journey will take an exhilarating turn. With a renewed sense of purpose, Tempa now aspires to embark on a captivating expedition of creating music videos with the support of his school. Yet, the lack of essential equipment for video shooting poses a significant hurdle, threatening to dampen his creative vision.

Despite this challenge, Tempa remains steadfast in his determination to overcome any obstacles that may come his way. He firmly believes that through the harmonious collaboration of all the elements at play, his dream of creating awe-inspiring music videos will become a splendid reality.