Crime: In what appears to be a gruesome murder, a 16-year-old class seven student of Samcholing middle secondary school and his 60-year-old grandmother were murdered at Kingarabten, Trongsa on Wednesday night.
While the grandmother was found dead with a slit throat in the bar attached to her shop, her grandson was murdered in the bedroom with multiple gashes on the head and back.
“Both the grandmother and her grandson were found murdered yesterday morning,” Kingarabten tshogpa, Tshewang said.
The woman lived with her grandson running a general store with a bar attached to it above Kingarabten basic health unit. It is the earliest shop in Kingarabten.
Health officials from Trongsa said that the woman had her throat slit and that they found multiple gashes, caused by sharp weapons, on the bodies of both the boy and the woman. “The woman suffered laceration on head. The boy also suffered slash on the nape (back of the neck) from sharp weapon besides lacerations on head.”
Tshewang said the teenager also had marks of knife cuts on left forearm and right hand thumb and index fingers. “The knife cuts on hands were possibly sustained in an attempt to retaliate,” Tshewang said.
Police and the medical officials were unable to determine the precise time of the murder, but suspect to have happened in the night of August 5.
Tshewang said the neighbours didn’t hear or saw anything suspicious that night. They became apprehensive when the shop, which usually opens around 6 am, remained closed even around 7am.
The tshogpa said her neighbours became uneasy when the lights, both inside the shop and outside, were still on even after 6 am. “They assumed the woman to be sick.”
They suspected something when repeated knockings on the door went unanswered. They then immediately called one of the deceased’s daughters who live in Samcholing.
When the daughter reached Kingarabten and opened the door, they found the woman lying face down in a pool of blood. When they didn’t find the boy, they suspected the boy in the crime.
“We called school authorities who told us that the boy wasn’t in the school either,” Tshewang said. When police reached the scene, they found the boy lying face down and dead in the bedroom.
Police suspect robbery after finding the cash box cut open. No one knows how much money the deceased had. “It is suspected that the murderer also stole some cash besides the murder,” a police official said.
The cupboards in the shop were also found ransacked.
Trongsa police is investigating the case. A reward of Nu 50,000 was also announced on any information that could lead to the arrest of the suspected murderer.
By Tempa Wangdi